Myyour – Modern Italian Design

Myyour is a reality where the most innovative design ideas are chosen and transformed into new and unique decorative solutions… solutions that are able to express elegance and color, functionality and aesthetics, versatility and prestige.

Myyour products are designed to take over the scene by giving a touch of exclusivity and originality to the home, office, public setting…this is done with their odd, flexible shapes and their bold, bright colours.

Myyour products are available in glossy and matt finishes in a wide range of bright colours that will ‘pop’ in any interior. Many of Myyour’s designs also feature versions with light units within them, adding a whole new dimension to their purpose and they way in which they are used.

Myyour designs include large scale Tulip shaped lights for indoor and outdoor use, Nefos cloud formation suspension lights and Crazy Head coat hooks!

Contact Pink Apple for more information, pricing and availability. Visit Myyour’s website for all products.

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