Living it LAGO

The Appartamento is a Lago project, conceived through the awareness that design is not only about the individual product, but also about improving people’s life and work environments.

The Appartamento is designed to welcome people and encourage them to see how Lago furniture fits in so well with everyday life in different environments. The project involves the tenant organising events, making contact with the right people, network and to introduce the place where they live to as many people as possible.

Just think of it as a real life showroom that you live in!

To apply and be considered for the project the tenant must be someone who is capable of involving as many people as possible, is keen on design and know everything about Lago furniture (which in itself is fascinating). They would become an ambassador for the city in which they live. By opening the doors of their house they will help people design and choose the Lago furniture they wish to purchase. The tenant is supported by Lago, which supplies the home furniture at a favourable price, as well as the training and the necessary tools.

Here’s some ideas on how Lago can work in every area of your house:


LAGO kitchens are constructed to suit everybody’s individual needs making them unique and personal to the user. The use of bright colours or soft pastel hues can make the same space look completely different! 36e8 Cucina is the newly adapted units exclusively for kitchens.

Living Room

LAGO’s Divani Air range offers great flexibility with its modular units that can be mixed and matched, switched, chopped and changed! You can keep the colours soft and muted or loud and bright…or mix in a few ‘poppy’ colours with soft whites, creams and greys to add a statement.


There are a staggering EIGHT beds to choose from in the LAGO range, plus two new sofa-beds – each unique in their purpose and statement. Floating beds, foldable beds, moveable structures and funky designed base – New Air & Col-letto (pictured below), Steps, Justmat, Fluttua, Beam Bed, Stiletto & Kussin. The two new sofa bed types are Chama and Replis which provide extremely comfortable sleeping arrangements for guests!


LAGO bathrooms are chock-a-block full of storage options to hide all those lotions and potions you HAVE to have! Try 36e8 or 30mm for wall shelving and storage and Morgana for moveable storage units.

Storage systems

Plenty to choose from to suit all interiors and requirements and all in the full range of colours! Shelving solutions – 30mm, LAGOlinea & Air. Storage solutions – 36e8, Net, N.O.W & Morgana.

I know how I’d like to furnish my house!


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