In Focus: String Shelving

Swedish architect Nils Strinning designed String in 1949.

This super flexible, distinctive and minimalist shelving system earned him the reputation as one of the designers who laid the foundations of modern Scandinavian design.

Over the years, the String system has been used in many a home across the world and is a popular system for home offices and storage in small places. The measurements of the String system are fixed and have never been altered, allowing for a String shelf to be rebuilt, reinvented and transformed many times over.

Each component of the system is so well thought through that there is almost an infinite variety of combinations. Thanks to its slim panels it is possible to create a shelf large enough for any number of books, yet still appear light in weight.

String Pocket is a simple, pre-packed kit that includes two side panels and three shelves in a variety of finishes, including pink, yellow and copper.The String Plex Pocket features clear perspex panels and shelves in black or white. Plex can also be supplied for larger compositions and gives the system a slightly modern twist with the perspex side panels.

String Pocket makes a perfect solution for those storage issues you have in small places such as the kitchen or bathroom. Or, if you have plenty of room, they can be used to showcase personal and sentimental items.

The String system includes the following pieces that can be built up to any composition, big or small, to suit the needs and functions of the user. The side panels are available in three finishes and four sizes, shelves are available in a range of sizes also and are finished in three woods and three colours.

Additonal pieces include a magazine shelf in wire or wood:

A work desk, cabinets with sliding drawers (glass or wood) and drawers…

…and even a fold out table!

Try out the fantastic ‘Build Your Own’  programme on the String website to compose the system of your dreams!

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