A ‘D’E-Light’-ful new design from Philippe Starck

Flos’s latest collaboration with Philippe Starck is sure to be a winner this Christmas.

‘D’E-Light’ is a stunning linear LED table lamp that also doubles as an iPad or iPhone stand with a docking connection atop the light fixture. A small vertical stand along the top allows the iPad or iPhone to prop against it.

‘D’E-Light’ offers the function of a recharging your Apple devices without cluttering the desk. Users of the iPad might even wish to get a wireless keyboard and mouse to create a sleek work station, desk lamp included!

‘Bibliotheque Nationale’ is another of Philippe Starck and Eugene Quitllet collaborations that combines a multi-functional lamp with small shelves for books and other articles with the added extra of a USB connector to recharge iPods, iPhones and iPads.

‘D’E-Light’ will be available to order NOW, retailing at £260.50. ‘Bibliotheque Nationale’ is currently ‘having some work done’ but should be available at some point in the new year.

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