Ercol Factory Visit by Pink Apple

Pink Apple took a trip out to the Ercol factory in Princes Risborough to see the workers in action. The stunning 160,000 square foot factory opened in 2002 and is situated in the heart of the traditional Chiltern’s furniture-making area.  Ercol’s factory has won many awards for its architectural design and its environmental features.

The coolly elegant factory, set in an Arcadian Chiltern forest, was designed by Richard Horden, one time associate of Foster+Partners, and was completed in 2002.

Horden’s impressive factory has a simple layout; two storeys at the front for the offices and showroom below and a double height production hall at the back.

The production in the factory can be clearly seen from the blocks of imported American wood at the front, right through the various stages of production to the final packaging and loading onto the lorries situated at the very back of the building.








Each individual item is hand crafted and passes through a number of various members of the team for turning, sanding, assembly before varnishing or painting.

We were lucky enough to be shown how the workers hand bend the wood to make the curved backrests for chairs such as the Evergreen and Windsor chairs.

This involves steaming the wood for around 45 minutes before being removed, placed in a jig and hand bent round a frame. This is then left to cool and set for 24 hours before being removed from the vice. Steaming the wood softens it by adding back in the moisture that has been lost, allowing the wood to be manipulated into a curved shape without fracturing and splintering it.

Having seen how Ercol furniture is crafted from block to chair, we can see how Ercol has proved to be a popular and well loved manufacturer over the years. Pink Apple are suppliers of the Ercol Originals range, a collection of around twelve modern, yet classic pieces. Visit the website to view the Originals range and place your order today.

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