Cassina and the New Editions

Cassina have this year released re-editions of some of their time homoured pieces from Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand. All furniture produced by Cassina is authentic and licensed for production by them, and them alone.

Below are some of the twelve re-editions being released, the majority of which will be available in 2012.


LC11-P by Le Corbusier is a stunning table originally created for the Swiss Pavilion of the International Cité Universitaire in Paris. A second was made for Le Corbusier’s Parisian home which is still present there today. This model featured a marble table top which sat upon a frame in light blue cast iron and is one of the new variants being released in the new year.

The second finish of solid walnut with a dark grey cast iron base will also be released, this time with a transparent matt lacquered finish to the table top.

Tabouret Meribel & Tabouret Berger

Charlotte Perriand’s Tabouret Meribel and Berger stools expressed her passion for the mountains, made simply from wood and reflecting the simple materials found in her surroundings.Cassina is revisiting two of the models for the first time. Tabouret Berger, created in 1953 was inspired by those used by shepherds whilst the Tabouret Meribel, designed later in 1962, takes its name from the chalet in Meribel, France, where Charlotte Perriand had a 2nd home. The Tabouret Berger is a low stool with turned legs, while the Tabouret Meribel (as pictured above) has cut legs. Both versions are available in wood finishes: natural oak, black stained oak and natural canaletto walnut. All so beautifully finished you’ll want one (or more!) of each!

Zig Zag – New Colour Versions

Originally designed in 1934, the Zig Zag chair comprises four surfaces in a rhythmic sequence that develop into an elegant yet seemingly uncertain stability. The radical profile of the chair has always raised a sense of doubt as to whether what you see is real or just an optical illusion.
Cassina produces the Zig Zag in cherry wood but for the new coloured versions ash has been chosen because its open pore coloured grain makes for a better texture. The re-edition is available in Black, White, Blue, Red and Yellow.

Stunning and classic, Zig Zag will be passed from generation to generation and will never cease to amaze people.

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